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The Joy In Jesus

How do you write about the most important and intimate thing ever happen to you?

To be honest, I never thought I would write this story down.

For one thing, I felt I was simply too new to being a Christian. For another, I thought it was beyond my ability to do such valuable work. I have written about many things, but how do I write about the most important and intimate thing that has ever happen to me?

I want these posts to be an honest heart-to-heart talk about the most delightful thing I had ever done. I want to share with you how I am I living an abundant life full of real joy and happiness. I want to tell you the recipe that has taken my life from good to great- The Lord Jesus Christ.

A number of friends urged me to undertake this very important task. I knew that by writing about anything that has been accomplished in my life, has solely been God’s doing, not mine, and He- not I- deserves the credit. I also wanted to record this momentous time in my life.

Simply put, because I love Jesus I am never discouraged. I feel that I have found the key to better and happier living. I feel I am constantly in the presence of the Spirit of the Lord.

I try to live what I write. I don’t want my faith to be hollow words. I want to show you the reality and revelation of my new and glorious life. I know a lot of people are hurting, feeling pain from a life that seems unfair and unfulfilled. I will tell you my story and how I came to victory with Christ. I will tell you how I was set free from my sorrow, pain and regret and became a very happy Christian.

I am a new Christian. I am only in my first few months in my commitment to serve Jesus Christ. It has been thrilling for me to watch my faith and knowledge of the Lord grow. I want to share only two messages with you. Number one is my love for and joy in my faith in Jesus Christ. Number two, I want to share the tremendous and many benefits that my life has taken on since I gave my life to Jesus Christ.

These posts are really more in praise of the Lord than anything else. My honest hope is God will use these posts to help ease the journey of others in pain, out of hope and into something more in their lives.

I make no claims to be a perfect Christian or a Bible scholar or even a good Bible student, but I do feel God wants me to share His love through these posts. I write these posts entirely for His glory. I felt his Presence as I write, and I am often overwhelmed by my total love of Jesus. My eyes fill with tears of joy and I had to stop writing. Other times I got so excited and happy I laughed out loud. A constant and consistent feeling of love of God’s presence was present in every word.

My life did not become perfect after accepting Jesus Christ. I still deal with problems, including illnesses and chronic pain, but my life does seem easier because I share it with the Lord.

As I look back on my journey through life, many events (especially Iraq and Afghanistan) tend to come together in my memory as one. Each adventure had unique characters, but time and space have made a few very memorable.

I owe an enormous debt because of the help of my family and friends. I have genuine gratitude to so many great people in my life. I have tried to be as accurate as possible in summarizing events and conversations. However, I have come to realize how memories fade with the passage of time. I did my best to record events as I recall them.

I feel above all things I am writer and storyteller. This story is the most important I will ever tell. The story is about how I came to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I felt inspired and even called to tell the story of accepting the challenge of following Christ. The hardest and best thing I ever did was to turn to Christ in repentance and faith and to follow Him in obedience to His will.

For me, the message was very clear and specific. To talk about what the Lord has done for me by His death and resurrection, and the need for me to respond by committing my life to Him. His message was my past was forgiven, and I had a new life in hope as I turned to Him. In these posts, the reader will discover how I seek (however imperfectly) to follow Jesus Christ.

Through God, I got a new vision for His plan for me and a neverending happiness that I wanted to share. I have learned much from reading about the lives of great men and women of the past. Maybe my story will inspire others, I can only hope so, then the effort has been worth it.

God bless, and thank you for taking the time to read my post.

A Confession of a Struggling Christian

“But you, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.” – Psalm 86:15 (NIV)

I am a writer. My job is to tell stories. What follows is the best story I will ever write and my favorite story to tell.


A Thank You

Thank you, mom and dad, for being excellent parents and letting me always know I was loved. Thank you, Muna. You are my wife and my life. My love for you grows daily. You led me to the Lord every day by your example of faith and love.

This past year has been the most wonderful of my life- and the best is yet to come. Thank you, Steve Bruhn, for leading me to Christ and providing the best example of what a Christian man can be. Thank you Jerry Glesmann for being the best big brother, I could ever have. Our daily talks provide encouragement, love, and faith. You truly are the bravest and kindest man I have ever known.

Thank you to all my friends and family who read my daily diatribes. These posts are an expression of appreciation, gratitude, and meaningfulness. You have shared your spiritual insights, faith, and good advice. God bless you and thank you for letting me share my story.


This post started trying to explain my faith. I wanted to share a few simple thoughts on my life and how turning it over to Jesus has helped me. I did my best to capture the message God laid on my heart.

I hope to share three messages with you. Number one is my love and joy for God and the hope and inspiration I found in accepting the salvation of Jesus Christ. Number two, I wanted to share the excitement and benefits following Jesus Christ has done for my life. Number three, I want to tell you how my walk with God has helped me through some very difficult times, even as my memory and health seem to be getting worse and not better.

This post is really about how God has eased my journey through life. I am not a Bible scholar or even a good Bible student, but I did want to share with you a story I felt is my best story. I believe God wants me to share this story. I have felt His Presence as I have written.

There are times as I write I felt the total love of Jesus, my eyes filled with tears and I had to stop writing. Other times I was overcome with sadness, shame, guilt and I lost my bearings, and I had to stop writing. The only thing that was constant and consistent as I wrote was my feeling of God’s presence, love, and understanding. This is how I feel every day of my life after giving it to Jesus Christ.

A Declaration of Dependence

On July 4, 2016, I am part of a tour group visiting Normandy. We are here 72 years after D-Day. Our tour guide today is Rudy. He is a local Frenchman who spent a decade living in Minnesota. His English is better than mine.

Normandy looks like the coast of Oregon. It has ancient trees, mossy growth, a rocky coastline with craggy cliffs, with a constant rain that makes everything damp all the time. Rudy takes us to the Normandy D-Day Museum.

It’s the beginning of July the weather, and the weather is miserable. It’s cold with clouds, drizzle and sometimes hard rain. By mid-morning, we are all rain-soaked.

The Americans had a tough mission on D-Day. The Germans are an experienced army. They’ve conquered have of Europe and won battles against the Allies in Africa, Italy, and Russia between 1942 and 1944. The Germans are dug-in. They’ve been preparing months.

On Omaha Beach, there is a 100-foot bluff overlooking the beach at Pointe du Hoc. The Germans placed concrete gun emplacements on the hilltops. These fortifications make it tough for American naval gunfire to reach the German defenders. The Germans plotted every square inch of the beach. They cover every square foot with obstacles, mines, artillery and machine gun fire.


On that windswept beach, on July 4, 2016, I was “born again.” Unlike most spiritual conversions, mine was not dramatic. The change in me was quiet, almost boring. To me, it was a simple thing. I had found God. And, most important, God had found me.

There was no flashing lights or clanging of bells. Something was missing in my life and now had been replaced with the Lord. This was not an earth-shattering moment of ecstasy just a warm, solid feeling of complete confidence that God was in my life.

That by trusting God and accepting Jesus Christ as my Savior, my life would be better and fuller. My life changed for the better that day. I have strived every day since to be worthy of that great gift.


I don’t know much, but what I learned that day changed my life. I was sorry for the things I had done and sorry enough to do something about it. I feel God gave me a “new start.” My past was forgiven, my present secured and my future guaranteed.

I try to pray three times a day. In the morning, at night, and once somewhere in the middle of the day. The middle one is my saying thanks for all the great things in my life and for help with all the things I don’t understand. There’s a lot of that.

When I really need the Lord in a hurry, I use a little mantra I learned to get me in touch with God, “Lord, please see in me, and be in me.”

I pray this prayer before I write something. I clasp my hands and say, “Lord, make me useful to myself and help me to remember that until I am, I can’t be helpful to others. Help me to remember that you are my creator. I am what you made- sometimes the thumb on your hand, sometimes the tongue in your mouth. Make me a vessel which is dedicated to your service. Thank you, Lord, for your many blessings. Amen.”

Praying- Source: thoughtco.com

Easing my Burden

Even in the tragedy, God has given me hope and love. His love has given me a promise of a better tomorrow, eternal peace, and everlasting life. Faith has given me a reason to stay up late at night and get up early in the morning.

I still feel grief and sorrow. Occasionally I still suffer from depression. But now my pain and feelings of sadness are different, lighter and far less devastating. A void existed in my life that God has filled. I’m not talking about joining a church or finding religion. I’m talking about living a life filled with peace and happiness.

Muna and I joined a great, Bible-based church and we try to keep God first place in our lives. I still struggle in my personal life, but prayer, faith, and love for God have made my life better. I am the best version of myself I have ever been because of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for letting me share my story. God bless you, all.