Success with “See You At The Top”

“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.”- Zig Ziglar


I want to take a minute to share some great news.  I want to share with you principles that have helped me reach my goals. I feel, at this moment, I am living who I was created to be.

There have been times in my life when I talked myself out of my best. I allowed fears, doubts, and discouragement to limit me. Many times I have allowed myself to settle for something less than I knew should have. Negative voices always speak the loudest, especially when we are down and feeling out.

I have been struggling a bit over the past few years and more so in the past 6 months – physically (knee/neck surgeries, balance issues, vision, and very severe headaches), mentally (lack of sleep, memory and concentration), and emotionally (withdrawing, losing interest in what were formerly fun activities). Then I got another diagnosis of more problems with my back and knees.

To an outside observer, I appeared to have my life together, although I was floundering.  My retirement from the Army got delayed by the long process of a medical board. This news left me feeling helpless, alone and depressed. I felt I had lost all direction in my life, and the future didn’t appear bright. I did the only thing I knew. I prayed to God for guidance, strength, and understanding.

See You at the Top

The day after I got home from my Annual Training in mid- June my wife and I went to a used book store. There I found a beat up and dog-eared copy of Zig Ziglar’s book “See You at the Top” (SYT). I read the first ten pages of SYT, and I was absolutely hooked.

I immediately downloaded the audio version of the book from Zig was the most interesting speaker I ever heard. His message of success was simple and positive. I spellbound with enthusiasm. The more I listened and read the more motivated became. I found myself happy, motivated and ready to conquer the world.

I am convinced that the Lord put Zig in my life for a reason. I only wish Zig was alive so I could thank him for being such a great influence on my life. I am about to start his “Born to Win” series- a 30-hour workshop designed to make the most out of my life. I am excited and anxious to share with you what a positive impact Zig’s message has had on my life. His “system of success” has renowned my commitment to God, my family and made try to be a better man.

The Difference

I have listened to and read “See You at the Top” (SYT) 16 times in the last three months. Zig Ziglar has motivated and inspired millions of people the world over. His wildly popular seminars, bestselling books, and audiotapes have educated three generations of how to be better and shot for success.

A True Believer

Over the past three months, I have become a “true believer” in Zig’s message of hope, honesty, and integrity. I have supercharged my career and writing. I’ve mapped a clear road to success with a new business.  I have a newfound direction, purpose and greater fulfillment in my faith, family, and life. I have improved communications with those who matter most in my life- all of you.

I feel I am achieving optimal physical, emotional and spiritual health. Muna and I recently started attending a local church. I joined Toastmaster’s, an international public speaking organization. I got involved in a local American Legion Chapter. I went to the Midwest Writing Workshop to “pitch” my novel. I just finished my first book. I am enrolled in the Creative Writing Program at Purdue University to become a better writer.

All of these things have made me break out of my comfort zone. It’s been super hard but also super rewarding.