New Book, Travels and Class

I am sorry about the delay. Things have been hectic. I started the Creative Writing Program at Purdue, and I just finished my first book.


I am sorry it has been so long since I have written. I just want to take a moment to say I am grateful for such a wonderful group of family and friends. All of you are family, and I love you all very much. You help me to keep my life focused and my message clear. You serve as daily reminders as to why my life is so great and so blessed.

My intention in writing these posts is to share the blessings of my life. Glory be to God who has given me more than I thought possible. For so long I let doubts, fears, and discouragement to limit myself. Negative voices always speak the loudest.

I feel like I am reaching my potential and living the life the God planned for me. The encouragement and support of all of you made my life possible. Thank you!


Muna and I took a whirlwind trip to Fort Bragg, NC at the end of August. My friend Josh graduated from Special Forces training.  I’ve known Josh since he was a 2nd Lieutenant almost 10 years ago. Knowing he survived the tough course and earn the coveted Green Beret was a proud moment for me.

Watching him don the Green Beret with the rest of classmates and go on to serve in the Special Forces community made me proud to be an American. I thank God that such brave men exist.

While in North Carolina we saw two old friends, who are graduates of Muna’s veteran entrepreneurship program, Mike, and Brandon. They are both thriving in their businesses. They have become more like family in the past three years than just friends.

Muna and I went to Brandon’s wedding in July. While at Bragg. Mike invited to a private party celebrating his wife’s book launch. We are very proud of Mike and Brandon.

We stopped in western North Carolina and had lunch with my sister Vicki. It was great seeing them.


The two weeks of classes just finished. I am taking:

  1. Italian 101- a super fun but very demanding course. I speak Spanish, but this is the first time I’ve taken a class that had to do with my own heritage. For that reason alone it is endlessly fascinating.
  2. Creative Short Story- This course is an introduction to the short story. We write stories and short descriptive sketches of great short stories we read. Lots of in class discussions of other students’ writing. We look at the assigned stories in their historical and social contexts.
  3. Literature and Imperialism- A study of imperialism and empire from the 1492 (Columbus) to World War I. My professor loves the British Empire. He concentrations on Victorian culture, writers, and society with regards imperialism. We talk about racist ideology and patterns of domination in history.
  4. Philosophy 101- Each class is a different philosopher. We talk through some of the most important questions and issues in throughout time. We began by trying to understand what philosophy is and man is on earth. Fascinating.

The New Book

I just finished my first book. The book is on the ministry and message of Billy Graham. It’s a short read.  If you regret not having time to read or recoil at the thought of glancing at a tabloid in public, have no fear.  My book is a literary, short-form book at only 32 pages.

Few people have the time to devote to “War and Peace.” Sometimes you have small pockets of free time in your busy schedule. Times when you’d like to be reading something, but don’t have time to start (or finish) a long book. That’s who I wrote my book for.

Here be my book:

Let me know what you think.

I love the message of Billy Graham. A month ago I read his autobiography “Just as I Am.” I was shocked at how many lives he has touched with his ministry. Love his story and the example he set.

Hope this post finds you well.