My Dog Naomi


When you get married, you marry your spouse but also their family. With Muna it was her dog Naomi and her cantankerous cat Mr. Kitty (yes, that’s his real name, lol!)- more about this character in another email.

Meeting Naomi

The first I met Naomi her tailed wagged so hard that the back half of her body wriggled and twisted with excitement. She sniffed and looked at me up and down inspecting me.

Naomi is a Rottweiler and Labrador Retriever mix in one dog, sometimes called a Labrottie or a Labweiler. She is the best of both worlds. In Naomi the mix settled in just right. She is intelligent, loyal, protective and quiet. She has a submissive friendly nature combined with a strong guarding instinct.

When you look at her it’s hard to tell were one breed begins and the other ends. She is a beautiful dog both in looks and personality.

Naomi’s is black and tan. She is a large dog weighing almost 65 pounds. She is ten years old, an old woman in dog years but she is healthy and active.

She has the head of a Lab but the body of a Rottweiler, all black with a tan chest and paws.

Naomi’s eyes are her best feature. She seems to have real eyebrows that are small, tan marks. They dance over deeply expressive, large, calm eyes.

A charcoal line goes from the corner of her eyes all the way back to her ears. It looks like smoky cat eyes in heavy pencil. She has a small dimples of tan in her black fur on each cheek. From her dimples grows three long whiskers.

She has a real majestic quality in her eyes.

The first time I met her I said, “Hello Naomi. Nice to meet you. I’m Dom. I hope we will be friends. I’m really excited to met you.”

Her tail swept out knocking from side to side. Her entire tail is black. From the minute I met her I loved her.

We created an instant rapport. Over the next couple of months Naomi became my dog.

She sits erect and stately waiting for me when I come home. Instantly she is on the ground, her legs up, head cocked waiting for a belly rub. She is a mix of sweet, innocent, clownish and devilishly smart.

K9 Paycheck

She will do anything for the K9 paycheck- a combination of heartfelt praise, a treat of her favorite dog biscuit and a rubber toy called a “Kong ball.”

With most dogs I’ve known the bond comes over food. By feeding a dog by hand you can make a new friend easy. Naomi was no exception.

The real bonding with Naomi came from hours of playing with her, petting her, and hanging out. She had my affection and enthusiastic praise, I had her love and attention. It was a perfect match.

I often talk to Naomi while brushing her tan and black coat. She walks with me in the morning and chases me into the kitchen at night.

Naomi’s favorite thing is her Kong ball. A hard red rubber toy, shaped like a squashed snowman. They are chewable, almost indestructible and off-kilter so they wiggle when you throw them. Naomi loves it when I bounce her Kong ball on the kitchen floor.

For her the Kong ball and a dog treat are the ultimate reward. She is obsessed with her Kong ball. When the toy appears, everything else disappears, including me.

She doesn’t see or hear me once she starts chewing and chomping on the red rubber. Her eyes closed in semi-bliss, she is in heaven.

Loving Naomi

There is an old saying goes, “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” The saying has been credited to Winston Churchill who served in the British Army as a Cavalry Officer.

Being around a loving and loyal dog improves a person’s mental and physical health like that. Naomi has done that for me. She is heartwarming and inspiring.

We have formed a lasting bond. It transcends any other love I’ve ever had with any other animal.

Naomi is far more than a family pet. She is a loving part of our lives and family.

Naomi is a very special dog and she created a spiritual connection of love with our family. I cherish her. Watching and learning from her I’ve tried to be a better person.

There is something profound in the relationship I have with Naomi, almost spiritual. She has humbled me in ways I never knew existed.

She is more than a four-legged companion, she is the person I wish I could be- loyal, loving and happy. If I was only half the person Naomi thought I was, I would be a saint.

At night sometimes I have nightmares. Naomi will wake me up by licking my hand and nuzzling her head in my hand. She is letting me know everything is going to be alright.


Naomi is ten years old, old for a Labrottie. My time with her has been too short. I knew that going in and being a part of her life.

I know when she dies that there will be great pain. I try to live fully in the moment with her. I love sharing in the delight that is her innocence. She is my lifelong buddy because of her love and devotion.

There is a real beauty in her innocent honesty. She freely accepts my love and gives right it back. She doesn’t ask anything in return but to spend time with me and to love me.

She has cast a long shadow on my life. Her death will be an unbearable price. I know the grief will intense, but I also know I am a better man for loving Naomi.

If there are angels here on earth I think you find them in a loving dog. I know I did with Naomi. When I go to heaven I am sure the first thing I will see will be Naomi running towards with her Kong ball ready to play.

She is one more incredible gift that Muna brought into my life. The last two years I’ve spent with Naomi and Muna have been the best years of my life.