Midwest Writers Workshop

Midwest Writers Workshop, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana- July 20-22, 2017

I just got back from the Midwest Writer’s Workshop (MWW). MWW gives writers the opportunity to improve their craft, to associate with highly credentialed professionals, and to network with other writers. The conference offers over 45 different writing sessions with on everything from fiction to nonfiction. The quality instructors offer advice on everything writing, editing, marketing and publishing.

Part I focuses on genre-specific intensive sessions. We had classes with seasoned writers on writing a thriller, horror and romance. Part II is packed with sessions on the craft of writing and the business of writing. The workshop has given me the professional guidance I was looking for! It has helped me, as a writer, to inspire me to become a published author. The MWW gave me the opportunity to improve my writing, to associate with highly credentialed agents and publishers, and to network with other writers.

How It Works?

Imagine taking a master class from a master storyteller. I did that on Thursday with John Gilstrap’s “Adrenaline Rush: How To Write Suspense Fiction” Our instructor, John Gilstrap- currently a best-selling author and creator of the Jonathan Graves series – lets us know what he planned for our class.

John started right from the beginning. John set the class up as a collaborative learning environment- he asked lots of questions of students. We talked about what makes a great thriller to strong ideas for books.

Friday and Saturday were packed with sessions on the craft of writing and the business of writing. I focused on classes on story structure, editing my story, and how to organize my book. I met with experienced agents and publishers, where I learned about the business of writing a book.

What I Learned

MWW showed me how to get the most out of myself and develop my writing skills. MWW revealed the qualities of good writing and provided specific solutions for overcoming and correcting poor writing practices.

MWW guest speakers are rich with anecdote, vivid illustrations and practical applications to become a better writer. MWW provided instruction and gave advice for improving relationships with agents, publishing houses, and family members to become a better writer.


Top Performance as a writer and what I expect of myself. So how do I make it a reality?

MWW has taught me to maximize my abilities and manage my skills as a writer. At MWW I learned winning ideas on how to:

– How to direct my energies and fan the flame of inspiration

– How to manage my time better and get the most of my writing

– Some strategies to overcome and correct poor writing practices

– Develop a healthy self-image of myself as a writer

– Establish editing standards for evaluating my own writing

– Improve relationships and communication with my family for support and how to network other aspiring writers

These dynamic principles developed by master writers are applicable to writing in every genre. Sprinkled with sardonic wit, great war stories about the industry, and helpful illustrations, the MWW principles helped to propel me-and those around me-toward being a better man and a better writer.