A Light in the Dark: How Zig Ziglar Saved My Life

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12

Why my life has changed so radically in the past month?

These posts have taken a radical new direction in the past month. I started talking about my spiritual transformation. I had to answer the question, “What do you do when your personal world caves in?”

In these posts I talk about bereavement, faith, devastating illness, and resiliency in the face of crushing disappointments. These things can invade our lives so suddenly and immediately.

These posts are the intimate account of how I am learning to live again. I have found answers that I was looking for. Maybe in my story, there are answers for you. If not, or if this is too much, I understand. Just let me know, I understand.

What follows is a recipe that has given me an abundant life full of real joy and happiness.

West Lafayette, Indiana- June 18, 2017

“See You at the Top” saved my life. My wife and I went to a used book sale given by our local library. I got a torn up, dog-eared copy of “See You at the Top” (SYT) by Zig Ziglar.

After reading the first ten pages I was hooked. SYT is the best book I have ever read on self-improvement. After reading it, I underlined and outlined it. I went online and downloaded the audio course and listened to it twice in two days. I noticed a mark improvement in my attitude after reading SYT the first time. In the past six weeks I have read SYT 12 times.

SYT is an event that shook my world and changed the course of my life. SYT instilled hope in my heart. Zig’s book has unlocked invaluable secrets that have guided me on the road to success. I know that success in anything doesn’t happen overnight. Success takes patience, time, guidance and a bit of luck.

Listening to Zig’s positive thinking books and motivational messages have taught me to be my best. The results speak for themselves. I have accomplished more in the last month than I did in the last year. Zig’s “Born to Win” training program has been instrumental in helping to turn my life around.

Zig uses a “cognitive behavioral approach” to change attitudes and behaviors. Zig is straight-talking, easy to understand, entertaining and his work is based on Christian values and sound psychological principles. Zig offers a realistic and positive approach to the problems in my life. The material is broken up into several subjects so that Zig can drive home his points to get maximum learning.

Declaration of Dependence

The most dramatic change is that I recommitted my life to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I started by declaring my complete dependence on Jesus Christ. This declaration has completely changed my personal, family and business life.

The posts are not about converting anyone. I am not a Bible scholar or even a good Bible student, but I do want to share my story. I am not a preaching or moralizing. I am talking about something that has worked for me, nothing else. I am not a religious fanatic, but I am enthusiastic about God.

I am a simple man writing about how my faith and Zig Ziglar helped put my life back together again. My Christian faith is an important part of my life. Using Zig’s “Strategies for Success” training program and applying his message of hope and positive thinking followed by positive action has been a life-changing experience. The program has been very meaningful and has changed my life for the better.

My belief in Jesus Christ has freed me to truly “Be all I can be.” I think the best is yet to come!

A Thank You

I want to thank my lovely bride Muna. She has exhibited the patience of Job as she has tolerated me, an exhausting endeavor! Muna is my rock. My love for her is the foundation on which our life is built. Muna does everything with compassion and grace including loving me.

Muna always gives me her full attention and energy. Her love and support is what I needed the most in my life. She is the gift from God that I cherish the most. My love, I thank God every day you are my wife because you are my life.